quarta-feira, 1 de maio de 2013

Poesias de SotC!

Muitos dizem que Shadow of the Colossus é um dos jogos que provam que video games são arte. E apesar de pinturas e desenhos ainda serem as fan-arts mais populares, no caso de SotC também temos várias poesias baseadas no jogo, muito boas por sinal. 

Então eu juntei algumas para o post de hoje, não tenho o que comentar sobre elas, mas peguei algumas das mais legais que achei. Aí estão elas:

Shadow of the Colossus - Por xebra7

A Boy, a Horse, and a Girl ride
Across the bridge to the vast side
The lifeless Girl set on the stone bed
The talk with the god to awaken the dead
A battle with the first statue of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene

Travels though this vast land
Battles with this colossal band.
The Bull and Knight both fall
Thirteen left that the Sword shall call
A battle with the third of the sixteen
Casts the gods' shadow on the scene.

The Shaman and Soldiers start to come
While the Horse and Phoenix are done.
The bearded Goliath has been brought down
As well hydrous won't move around.
A battle with the seventh of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene.

Arrows shot through the Lizard of the wall
Brings out the shaman's call.
The outcome of the turtle of this land
Also brings the downfall of the snake in the sand.
A battle with the tenth of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene.

Flames cast upon the shadow of the Lion
Blade through the Basilisk's heart with good timing.
Arrows shot up though the Snake of the sky
Rubble kills the temple Tiger without even a try.
A battle with the fourteenth of sixteen
This casts the gods' shadow on the scene

The colossal Sentinel of the eastern castle
Falls with a thump and a giant hassle.
The Giga's maze is difficult terrain
But till the Giga's death the boy maintains.
A battle with the last of sixteen
This casts the gods' final shadow on the scene

This god grants his power to the Boy and Girl
The Shaman shows up and everything curdles.
The Boy gains uncontrollable power
And the Shaman and Soldiers, terrified, cower.
The battle between the Shaman and the Boy
The shadow of the god shatters souls like toys.

The Shaman struggles but at last
Casts the Boy in the fountain vast.
The Shaman flees across the bridge, the Soldiers too;
Just as the Boy is reborn brand new.
The battle is over finally,
But the Girl's shadow lives on untimely.

Shadow of the Colossus - Por shehrozeameen

colossi roaming
the island undisturbed in
acceptance of a
purposeful fate when
the shadow will encompass
their absolution

legends will speak of
them as the voice of their god
will call out their names
when darkness will fall
and mountains will be bathed
in their memory

for they are not carved
in stone - they epitomize
an ancient credence
as holy as the
heavens from where they had come
and whence they'll return

many wanderers
came and went, but one prevailed
and face the sixteen
harbingers of Man's
divine destiny - from them
have we earned our peace

the first was patience;
the second was existence
the third - tradition
the fourth was conquest
the fifth was truth's harbinger
the sixth was mercy

the seventh was fate
the eighth was humanity
the ninth - purity
the tenth was bondage
the eleventh was struggle
the twelfth was piety

the thirteenth was rage
the fourteen was harmony
the fifteenth - bravery
the last was Judgement
for accepting the purpose
of the Colossi

The wind hit his cloak
sorrowing to the south.
The sun bathes his face,
the water reach his legs
and the earth cracks under his feets.

Travelling to the place
where he can revive his fallen love
The quest is certain dead,
and forbiden.
But this don´t will stop him.

To every obstacle he defeat,
to every giant he slays
he feel no fear,
and continue his quest.

Falling in the ground from the final battle,
``I did it,she is alive again´´ he thought
before close his eyes
and die

Shadow of the Colossus Ver. II - Por darkside-ky

She is the reason I came here,
Despite the dangers I brave.
To break the dreadful curse of fear,
And bring her back from the grave.

But now I stand here, looking at you,
Fallen down, a majestic creature slain.
Your eyes glance up at a sky so blue,
I ended your life, to bring her back again.

My regret is in my sword and horse’s neigh,
I had to do what must be undone.
A giant beast, you once thundered across the plains,
Now your remains dry in the sun.

I stand in your shadow, lost in thoughts
Of a great battle that took place between us.
I climbed your back as you shook and fought,
But the life you had is naught but dust.

Perhaps someday I’ll revisit this place of nostalgia and memories.
I will bring my beloved, return here, and tell her your story.

Inside the temple there you will meet
a god who will share a secret if sixteen you greet

To bring life to your maiden mountains must fall
accoutered with only a sword must you bestow eternal slumber to them all

On top of a cliff the first giant is slain
Next near the cave the docile mammoth you will leave lame

Third cross the walkway above the lake
there you'll leave the second goliath's armor in your wake

The following beast is a mighty steed
whose your clever distraction it could never foresee

On top of a pillar you next foe does sleep
awaken only briefly for its wings now pierce into the deep

Your next behemoth will carry much grief
for its untamed beard shall bring you some much wanted relief

The two coming creatures lightning they conjure
but your ample dexterity will show them unwanted departure

Under dark skies you will find the crustacean
with the support of geysers shall he indeed find agitation

The next three fiends dwell in secrecy
use your head well to prove them they had no lasting mystery

Near the ruins the winged snake does doze
when it's in flight arrows you must use it bring it to cinders and stones

The forthcoming brute is filled with much rage
with its blind anger use fallen pillars to build his final stage

Within the grand theater a titan you will stumble
upon dropping his sword you will know how easily he will crumble

The final adversary is indeed a monument
being sealed in a tower has labored him no contentment

Dodge his wrath and climb his vast column
upon striking its high dome brace to witness the death of this Golem

Por hoje é só, foi um post meio preguiçoso lol, mas como disse não tenho o que comentar de cada um, apenas escolhi os mais legais. Inclusive vários dos autores da lista têm outros poemas de SotC, vale a pena ir nas páginas de cada um e ver um pouco mais.

Até a próxima!